Mondial Direct Introduces AirWheel, Ozobarrier, CleanAire to the Philippine Market: A line-up of Cutting-Edge Protective Technology

Mondial Direct is dedicated to making the highest quality products perfect for personal and home protection more readily available to Filipinos. As the consumer division of Mondial Medical Technologies, Mondial Direct is steadily bringing in state-of-the-art technology suited to strengthen your collection of items to keep you and your loved ones protected.

From intelligent gadgets like the AirWheel F3 Smart Electric Mask and the NVC Germicidal Lamp, to top-of-the-line air purifiers like the Ozobarrier Ozonizer and the NVC CleanAire Portable Air Sterilizer, it has only been innovation after innovation for Mondial Direct. “Our goal is to merge innovation with the needs of the times. We aim to transform Mondial Direct into Filipinos' go-to platform for personal and home protection. Our customers can trust that our products go through Mondial’s stringent screening process. Additionally, we make sure our products align with regulatory bodies to ensure safety and quality across all our items.” said Loysa G. Orense, M. D., the Medical Director of Mondial Medical Technologies.

Proper sanitation and social distancing are especially paramount during this pandemic but we should also get into the habit of using several additional protective items aside from the customary face masks and face shields. Our product lineup can serve as convenient extra layers of protection as the majority of our items are portable, lightweight, and easy to use.

Since its official launch last March 2020, Mondial Direct has served over 5,000 satisfied customers with close to 10,000 product units sold nationwide. To date, we have over 20 products for personal and home use with a distributor reach of over 30,000 people. Whether at home or out and about, you too can be ever-ready to navigate the new normal with Mondial Direct.

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